Christmas 2012

2012 was too big of a year to fit on a puny postcard.

Colin Driving

Colin loves to drive.

Colin's Tricycle

His legs aren’t really long enough to peddle, but that doesn’t stop him from trying.

Colin has been learning all sorts of new things from self propulsion to basic communication and even a bit of entertainment. He seems most enthralled with slides and driving. He may have inherited those interests from his daddy. Hopefully that love of learning will continue to grow throughout his life.

Colin in the Pool

Although hesitant at first, Colin really took to the pool.

Colin on the Beach

Apparently Colin doesn’t have the same distaste for being sandy as his parents.

We got to go to the beach. And on the way back we celebrated our 5th anniversary with a night in Washington D.C. and even got to see one of the Space Shuttles at the Air & Space Smithsonian.

The White House

We stopped by, but apparently they weren’t accepting drop in visitors.

Space Shuttle Discovery

It was pretty impressive seeing this in person.

The fall brought a few changes. Kyle’s job at Diebold was eliminated as part of some layoffs. He is looking for the next big thing for his career (his resume is available on this site if you know someone that may be interested). But in much more exciting news, we are expecting child number 2 to arrive in June! We are looking forward to having 33% more family in 2013.

We hope your 2012 was filled with just as much amazing and your 2013 is even better.

Kyle, Nadine & Colin

Our Family

Merry Christmas!


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One comment on “Christmas 2012
  1. Wessel @ Rentia says:

    Hi Kyle, Nadina and Colin,
    Got your Xmas card in the post today , thanks lovely pictures.
    Happy new year.
    Wessel & Rentia

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