Why I Prefer Android

As someone interested in technology I have an opinion on lots of platforms, devices and accessories. The one that tends to come up most often is iPhone vs Android. Instead of trying to crown an absolute winner, I like to match up the needs and preferences of a person with the strengths of the phones. It is my opinion that that there are so many great options that it is pretty difficult to choose a bad phone. Instead the important thing is to pick a device works for the person using it.

Starting with the iPhone: Apple does an impressive job at polishing the whole package. It looks great and is pretty simple to understand. The trade off is that to make sure everything runs smoothly some things are limited. Generally, if you are more concerned that your phone works and less interested in how the iPhone is probably a good fit. It is a popular choice and the popularity has a benefit: accessories are widely available, ranging from top quality to super cheap.

And now the other side of the coin: Android offers greater flexibility across the whole experience. From the size and specs of the device to the look and feel of everything on the screen, you have plenty of options. But again, there is a compromise to make: with so many options it can feel almost impossible to find the right combination. To get the most out of Android you need to be a little more inclined to explore and experiment.

It is worth acknowledging that there are other options out there, Windows Phone and BlackBerry being the biggest names. I have much less experience with the recent phones on either of these platforms, but I can see that they can be a good fit for specific users. From my perspective, the most compelling case for choosing either of these is an existing dedication to the platform. If you extensively use Microsoft products and services a Windows phone may make a lot of sense for you.

So those are the options. When people ask me what phone they should get, this is where I start. And for a lot of people I recommend the iPhone. So why do I chose Android devices for myself? There are a couple big reasons. First, I like to have options, to explore and experiment and find what works for me. That was a big part of what got me to switch from my iPhone 3G to the Nexus One a few years ago. But Android was still pretty rough and switching back to the polish of the iPhone 4 was pretty tempting.

But there is something bigger. Google. Outside of Android, I use a lot of Google products and services. From Gmail, calendar, contacts and voice to search and maps I do a lot with Google. And all of those services work great on my phone and tablet. It is similar to the case I made for Windows or BlackBerry – I use lots of Google services and Android provides the best platform to use them on a mobile device.

So, there you have it: I prefer Android because it let’s me bring Google with me.

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